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Survive the Chill with this Cold Weather Clothing

Survive the Chill with this Cold Weather Clothing
September 7, 2023
Survive the Chill with this Cold Weather Clothing

When it comes to facing the elements head-on, military personnel and first responders are often at the front line. 

From the biting winds of the high-altitude mountains to the wet and frozen landscapes of the polar regions, being prepared with the right clothing can mean the difference between performing at one's best and succumbing to the cold.

In this article, we will explore the importance of cold weather clothing and highlight some of the best products from Massif, a leading brand in the industry.

Cold Weather Survival (A True Story)

The following true story comes from a former Air Force SERE instructor.

In the heart of winter, amidst the vast expanse of a snow-covered wilderness, I found myself in a situation that put all my training to the ultimate test. As a seasoned military survival instructor, I thought I had seen it all, but the biting cold of this unforgiving winter was a whole new challenge.

The mission was a simple one—or so it seemed. A group of us were dropped deep into the wilderness for a week-long survival exercise. Equipped with our standard gear, we were confident in our abilities. Little did we know that nature had its own plans.

Helicopter in the mountains

Within hours, the temperature plummeted, and a fierce blizzard rolled in, obscuring our surroundings and making navigation nearly impossible. The wind howled like a hungry wolf, and the cold seeped into every fiber of our being. Panic could easily take hold in such dire circumstances, but I knew our best chance of survival came down to our training and equipment.

The importance of proper cold weather clothing became glaringly evident as some in the group began to show signs of hypothermia. My years of experience have taught me that when facing the cold, it's not just about warmth, but also about moisture management. Cotton kills, as the saying goes. Sweating during physical exertion was inevitable, but failing to manage that moisture could be lethal in these conditions.

I rallied the group, emphasizing the need to regulate our body temperatures and stay dry. Layering was crucial: moisture-wicking base layers, insulating mid-layers, and waterproof outer shells. Those who had followed these principles fared much better, their body heat trapped efficiently by their clothing.

But there were a few who had underestimated the importance of their gear, and I watched as frost began to form on their inadequate clothing. I knew we had to act swiftly. We set up a makeshift shelter, pooling our resources to insulate ourselves from the cold ground and protect against the relentless wind. Those who had brought proper cold weather gear shared their knowledge, helping others improvise layers from spare clothing and improvised materials.

As the night wore on, we huddled together, our bodies radiating much-needed warmth to one another. The difference in survival outcomes became starkly clear as the night progressed. The ones who had paid attention during the cold weather training were relatively comfortable, their clothing doing its job admirably. On the other hand, those who had disregarded the lessons were suffering, shivering uncontrollably, and struggling to stay awake.

Dawn broke, revealing a landscape transformed by ice and snow. The storm had passed, leaving us battered but alive. Our experience had driven home the importance of proper cold weather clothing. It was not just about comfort; it was about survival. In the end, the right gear had been our lifeline, preserving our body heat, wicking away moisture, and ultimately ensuring that we could face the challenges of the winter wilderness.

As we trudged back to civilization, I couldn't help but reflect on the valuable lesson we had learned. In the unforgiving cold, nature does not discriminate. It demands respect, preparation, and the right equipment. And when the snow falls and the winds howl, it's not just about enduring—it's about thriving, thanks to the wisdom of those who understood the vital role of proper clothing in the dance between man and winter.

How To Dress For the Weather: The Layering Principle

Cold weather clothing operates on a layering principle. Each layer serves a unique purpose:

Base Layer: worn as a single next-to-skin moisture managing layer or combined for added warmth.

Combat shirts & Pants: These mission-specific layers can be worn with or without base layers or outerwear.

Outerwear: The workhorse of your layering system. These garments worn with or without base layers help regulate body temperature, shield you from the elements, and protect you from flash fire events.

Understanding the role of each layer is critical in ensuring optimal performance and protection in cold environments.

Chris Rogers, the Field-Testing Manager at Massif, possesses genuine expertise in effectively layering for safety within high-stakes cold environments.

When operating outdoors in exceptionally cold conditions, the appropriate utilization and maintenance of the innermost, insulating, and outer layers are pivotal, potentially dictating the line between survival and peril.

Rogers employs the acronym "C.O.L.D" as a valuable instrument for teaching some of his most effective layering techniques for real-world application. For more information on that concept, check out our article titled C.O.L.D | Winter Layering Guide Made Simple.

Massif's Cold Weather Solutions

For over two decades, Massif has been equipping military personnel and first responders with clothing that's not only warm but also functional.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the Massif flagship products.

Massif® Inversion Base Layer Clothing For Cold Weather

The Massif® Inversion base layers are meticulously crafted using an advanced tri-blend yarn system, delivering unparalleled performance in diverse environments. This unique blend, along with the inclusion of spandex, promotes enhanced range of motion, exceptional comfort, and remarkable recovery to maintain post-wash durability without any unappealing "bagging." 

Inversion Base Layer Long Sleeve Shirt

Sweat is swiftly drawn away from your body via a cutting-edge moisture-management system designed for rapid drying. This results in a highly breathable garment that enables you to fully concentrate on your mission. 

Additionally, top-tier resistance against pilling in the industry, combined with an advanced antimicrobial platform, significantly elevates the long-term wearability of these base layers.

Massif® Rainier Winter Combat Shirt

The Rainier Winter Combat shirt stands out as an essential layer, especially beneath plate carriers. 

Why? Let's start with its design: Engineered for cold combat scenarios, this shirt brings together the revolutionary flame-resistant capabilities of two distinguished Massif® softshell fabrics. The SABA™, a fabric without the bulk of traditional membranes, promises comfort, durability, and unmatched breathability, making it a must-have for beneath armor wear. 

Ranier Winter Combat Jacket

The sleeves, crafted from the Massif Battleshield™ fabric, integrate Gore® FR stretch technology, offering a balance of breathability, water resistance, and windproof attributes. This ensures unparalleled protection from external elements. 

Flame protection? Exceptional. Durability? Unrivaled. The weight-to-warmth ratio? Outstanding. Most importantly, its meticulously designed fit means no more annoying bunching or discomfort under your armor. For those bracing against the cold, the Rainier Winter Combat shirt isn’t just a layer; it’s a cold-weather game changer.


Surviving in cold weather often hinges on the effective layering of clothing. A heavyweight base layer, in particular, is vital as it forms the foundation of thermal insulation, ensuring your body retains the necessary warmth to function. 

The Flamestretch® Pullover stands out as a superior heavyweight base layering option. It's designed to insulate, ideally worn over Coolknit® and/or HotJohns® garments. The Flamestretch fabric not only offers excellent breathability but also captures and retains heat, ensuring you remain warm and comfortable.

Flamestretch Pullover

Furthermore, the pullover is fortified with DuPont™ Nomex® brand fiber, a pioneering flame-resistant material chosen specifically for military uniforms. So, whether you're tackling extreme cold or need protection against potential fire threats, the Flamestretch Pullover should be your primary choice.


Massif® has leveraged its expertise in combat shirts to create the Caldera™ Wind Shirt. The torso of this shirt is made from Massif Battleskin™ fabric, offering both excellent breathability and genuine flame-resistant (FR) protection without compromising on toughness. 

The wind-resistant fabric used for the sleeves is SABA®, an innovative two-layer laminate blend. This blend incorporates unique FR techniques with special knit designs. The Massif SABA fabric is not only lightweight but also provides superior breathability. 

Caldera Shirt

Plus, it's treated with an advanced Durable Water Repellent (DWR), making it ideal for use beneath armor or as part of advanced layering systems. The fabric's knitted nylon exterior is notably smooth, ensuring it feels soft against the skin and operates quietly. 

The Caldera Windshirt can be worn over light to medium base layers or by itself throughout the year. Designed to be compatible with backpacks, chest rigs, and parachute harnesses, this shirt is tailored for top-notch performance across various activities.

Massif Elements Jacket™

Thoroughly put to the test by soldiers in some of the most challenging global environments, the Elements™ Jacket product line presents a complete FR build, a flexible four-way stretch, and reliable defense against wind and water. 

Massif Elements Jacket

Practical attributes like convenient zippered shoulder pockets for quick gear retrieval, covered pen pockets designed for aviators, and a pass-through flap enabling CVC extraction straps have been incorporated. 

It effortlessly fits over uniforms and remains smooth beneath backpacks or body armor. Chosen as the Army's Intermediate Weather Outer Layer in the FREE (Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble) program.

Massif® Cirrus High Loft Jacket

The Massif® Cirrus High Loft Jacket serves as a crucial layer in extremely cold conditions, offering essential protection against the harshest environments. Through innovative materials and design, we've managed to reduce weight and bulk while enhancing durability. We've optimized functionality to ensure top-tier performance. 

Cirrus High Loft Jacket

Featuring a hood that's compatible with helmets and strategically placed drawcords, you can effectively retain warmth and fend off the cold. The inclusion of warm-when-wet technology ensures your comfort and functionality, even in the most frigid weather scenarios.

Massif® Cirrus High Loft Pant

Designed for extreme cold weather conditions, the Massif® Cirrus High Loft Pant serves as a vital protective layer against the most demanding environments. Utilizing advanced materials and design, we've managed to reduce weight and bulk while enhancing overall durability. 

Cirrus High Loft Pant

Our focus on streamlined functionality ensures optimal performance for you. Thanks to the incorporation of warm-when-wet technology, you can remain functional and comfortable even in the most frigid weather situations.

Massif® ELEMENTS™ Military Bib (FR)

In the face of extreme cold, it's crucial to have clothing layers that prioritize both warmth and function. Our Elements Military Bib is a testament to this principle, tailor-made for the heroes braving the coldest of terrains. 

What sets it apart? Our trusted Battleshield X ® FR fabric. This isn't just any fabric – it's a flame-resistant, nylon-faced laminate infused with the power of Gore ® stretch technology. The result? Enhanced mobility even in the coldest conditions. But that's not all.

Elements Bib Military 

This bib offers a unique fit system across the shoulders and waist, ensuring a snug and protective fit throughout long hours. It doesn't just meet our legendary FR and durability standards; it defines them. For those facing freezing temperatures, this bib isn't just another layer; it's an essential armor against the cold.


Wearing a beanie in cold weather is crucial, as a significant amount of body heat is lost through the head. By keeping your head insulated, you can effectively maintain your body's core temperature. 

Enter the Massif® Flamestretch® beanie: not only is it a lightweight stretch fleece that conforms perfectly to your head, making it ideal to wear with a helmet, but it also performs excellently on its own. As temperatures drop, its design ensures maximum coverage, keeping you warm and protected. 

Crafted from Flamestretch fabric, this beanie promises a soft and comfortable feel while effectively managing moisture. Its durability and safety are further enhanced with the inclusion of DuPont™ Nomex® brand fiber, a pioneering flame-resistant material chosen for military uniforms.

Flamestretch Beanie

So, whether you're venturing out in chilly conditions or need protection against unexpected fire hazards, the Flamestretch Beanie is your top pick.

Caring For Your Cold Weather Clothing

It's essential to maintain your cold weather gear to ensure longevity and performance. Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals. Regularly inspect your clothing for any damages, especially if it has flame-resistant properties..

Cold Weather Clothing FAQ

How should cold weather clothing fit?

Proper fit is key when it comes to cold-weather clothing. The right fit ensures both comfort and functionality. Cold-weather clothing should be snug enough to trap warmth close to your body without being overly tight. This allows for effective insulation against the cold. 

However, there should still be enough room to layer underneath for added warmth. Pay attention to sleeve and pant lengths to ensure they adequately cover your extremities. Overall, a balanced fit that allows for movement while maintaining warmth is ideal for cold-weather clothing.

Can I use regular detergent to wash my flame-resistant Massif products?

It is not recommended to use bleaches or fabric softeners when washing your flame-resistant Massif products. These specialized garments require gentle care to maintain their flame-resistant properties. 

It's best to use a detergent specifically designed for flame-resistant clothing or one that is recommended by the manufacturer. This will help preserve the integrity of the fabric and ensure the continued effectiveness of the flame-resistant features.

How often should I replace my cold-weather clothing?

The frequency of replacing your cold-weather clothing depends on factors such as usage, wear and tear, and the quality of the garments. Generally, high-quality cold-weather clothing can last for several years with proper care. 

Inspect your clothing regularly for signs of damage, such as fraying, fading, or loss of insulation. If you notice significant wear or if the clothing's warmth and functionality have noticeably decreased, it might be time for a replacement. 

Ultimately, replacing your cold-weather clothing when it no longer effectively protects you from the cold ensures you have reliable gear to stay warm and comfortable during chilly conditions.

Are Massif products suitable for extreme cold weather conditions?

Absolutely. Massif products are designed for extreme conditions and are trusted by military and first responders worldwide.

Their products are engineered with advanced materials and insulation to provide reliable protection against cold temperatures. 

Whether you're facing frigid temperatures during outdoor activities or in demanding work situations, Massif offers a range of products that are well-suited to help you stay warm and comfortable in extreme cold weather conditions.


The right cold weather clothing can make all the difference when facing harsh environments. 

With Massif’s commitment to quality, innovation, and performance, military personnel and first responders can be assured of gear that not only provides warmth but also the critical protection they require. 

Surviving the chill is not just about endurance but equipping oneself with the best tools and garments the industry has to offer.

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