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Air Force 2-Piece Flight Suit: A Comprehensive Overview

Air Force 2-Piece Flight Suit: A Comprehensive Overview
February 28, 2024
Air Force 2-Piece Flight Suit: A Comprehensive Overview

The Air Force flight suit isn't just another military uniform; it's a badge of honor and discipline that sets Air Force pilots and flight crews apart from other occupations.

This article gets into the Air Force's switch towards the two-piece flight suit.

The Shift to Two-Piece Flight Suits

The evolution of flight suits in the aviation industry reflects a shift towards prioritizing comfort, safety, and functionality. Traditional one-piece flight suits, often bulky and restricting movement, have been largely replaced by two-piece flight suits. 

Massif's innovative two-piece flight suits offer enhanced fit and flexibility. They feature advanced flame-resistant fabrics for superior protection and a modular design that supports a wide range of motion, making them ideal for modern aviators and aircrew.

Two-piece flight suits ensure safety with their flame-resistant materials and improve the wearer's comfort and functionality through features like multiple practical storage pockets and adjustable waistbands and cuffs for a tailored fit.

The Air Force's authorization of the two-piece flight suit for both in-garrison and deployed environments represents a pivotal adjustment in uniform policy. This move aims to provide squadron commanders with more uniform options to tailor to mission requirements. 

The two-piece flight suit, known officially as the 2PFDU, offers a blend of practicality and comfort. This allows the end user greater ease of movement and adaptability across various operational contexts.

Emphasizing Squadron Heritage through Patch Changes

In conjunction with the uniform update, the Air Force announced modifications to the patch configuration on the OCP uniform. 

The new arrangement places the squadron patch on the right sleeve, alongside the U.S. flag, while the higher headquarters patch moves to the left sleeve. This adjustment, as described by Chief of Staff Gen. Dave Goldfein, is designed to honor the squadron's central role in the Air Force's structure and reflects a deep respect for the heritage and the identities of the different squadrons.

Air Force 2 Piece Flight Suit Regulations

The Massif 2-Piece Flight Suit Jacket: A Closer Look

The Massif 2-Piece Flight Suit Jacket represents a significant evolution in flight suit design and offers enhanced comfort, and functionality.

This jacket, designed with the input of service members, incorporates advanced materials and features to meet the rigorous demands of airmen in various operational settings.

Key Features

  • Flame Resistance: The jacket is constructed with materials that pass the stringent ASTM D6413-F2302 performance specification, and provide inherent flame resistance to ensur the wearer's safety in all conditions.
  • Durability and Comfort: Engineered for durability without compromising comfort, the jacket withstands the rigors of daily wear while providing ease of movement.
  • Patented Attachment System: The 2-Piece Flight Suit Jacket integrates with our 2-Piece Flight Suit Pant with a patented 3-Point Attachment System.


After years of gathering end user feedback from multiple branches of the military community, we've created our cutting-edge 2-Piece Flight Suit Jacket. Our goal? To boost what modern pilots and aircrew can do with specialized design features that are unique to Massif.

We invented a Patented 3-Point Attachment System that connects the jacket and pants, giving the user  freedom to move and stay protected during sudden heat flashes. For comfort, the jacket's pockets are all mesh lined to cool you down faster and dry quicker while all tied into a modern athletic fit and strategic pocket placement to make it super comfortable to wear. 

The 2-Piece Flight Suit is made with a durable nylon ripstop fabric and is made entirely in the U.S. tomeet all Berry Compliance standards.

Building on the advancements of the two-piece flight suit jacket, the Massif Two-Piece Flight Suit Pant seamlessly integrates into the jacket, offering aviators and aircrew an unparalleled combination of flexibility, protection, and comfort. 

Designed and created out of extensive feedback across multiple military branches, this flight suit pant features a patented attachment system that ensures ease of movement between the pant and jacket while offering vital coverage during flash events. The addition of mesh-lined pockets enhances the regulation of body heat and quick-drying capabilities, significantly improving the wearer's comfort.

Proudly manufactured in the U.S. to satisfy Berry Amendment requirements, the design of the pants leaves no stone unturned. It utilizes durable nylon ripstop fabric and incorporates an athletic fit, alongside practical elements such as strategic seam placement and user-friendly zippers for easy donning and doffing.


The Air Force's adoption of the two-piece flight suit, exemplified by the Massif 2-Piece Flight Suit Jacket, reflects its ongoing commitment to safety, comfort, and professionalism. 

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