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Understanding Army Combat Shirt Regulations

Understanding Army Combat Shirt Regulations
January 29, 2024
Understanding Army Combat Shirt Regulations

The Army Combat Uniform (ACU), governed by the stringent Army Regulation 670-1 (AR 670-1), demands high standards in both appearance and functionality. 

Under this regulation, there are specific guidelines that dictate the wear and appearance of the Army Combat Uniform, including the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) Army Combat Shirt

Massif's Army Combat Shirt sets the benchmark in this category, by combining regulation compliance with groundbreaking design and manufacturing.

Understanding The Purpose of AR 670-1

The latest U.S. Army dress code, AR 670-1, ensures that soldiers present a uniform image that reflects the highest standards of professionalism. This includes color, pattern, and fabric specifications that ensure functionality, safety, and uniformity in various operational environments.

Furthermore, This regulation outlines the guidelines for the authorization, composition, and classification of various uniforms. While specifying the uniforms, awards, insignia, and accessories that are permitted for wear. 

To meet this regulation, the OCP Army Combat Shirt must meet specific criteria under AR 670-1, such as approved materials and designs for uniforms, as well as the system in place for ensuring uniform quality control. This ensures a standardized and professional appearance across the organization.

According to Army Regulation 670-1, dated 26 January 2021, the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) and its wear are described as follows:

  • Authorization for Wear: The combat uniform is authorized for year-round duty wear by all Soldiers when prescribed by the commander. Some combat uniforms are classified as utility uniforms, while others are designed for specific functions (Page 32).
  • Composition: The combat uniform consists of a coat, trousers, undershirt, undergarments, belt, socks, boots, and headgear (Page 32).
  • Occasions for Wear:
    • The combat uniform is not intended for wear as an all-purpose uniform and is designed to be worn under body armor.
    • It is prescribed for year-round wear for all Soldiers, unless otherwise directed by the commander. Soldiers may wear the combat uniform off-post unless prohibited by the commander.
    • Soldiers may wear the combat uniform for commercial travel.
    • Soldiers may roll up the sleeves on the ACU, with specific guidelines on how to do so.
    • There are restrictions on wearing combat uniforms in certain off-post establishments, especially those that primarily sell alcohol for consumption on the premises (Page 33).
  • Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform (IHWCU):
    • This is an authorized item, and commanders will not require Soldiers to purchase or wear the IHWCU unless it is issued through the organizational clothing and individual equipment system.
    • Soldiers are not to mix the outer elements of the IHWCU and ACU.
    • The IHWCU enhances performance and safety in hot and wet weather environments, with specific guidelines on its composition and wear (Page 33).

Massif's Army Combat Shirt as Part of the IHWCU

Engineered for Extreme Environments

Massif's Army Combat Shirt is the culmination of extensive feedback from soldiers in every imaginable environment. Its innovative fabrics are lightweight, breathable, and highly wicking, making it the standard for hot-weather combat uniforms.

Massif Army Combat Shirt

Advanced Features of Massif's ACS

  • Flame-Resistant Construction: The ACS features full flame-resistant construction with proprietary 4-way stretch Massif® fabrics that pass the stringent ASTM D6413-F2302T testing.
  • Comfort Under Armor: Flat-seam construction minimizes chafing and ensures comfort even under body armor.
  • Functional Design: The shirt includes zippered shoulder pockets, a concealable IFF tab, a pen pocket on the left forearm, and adjustable wrist cuffs for a custom fit.
  • Enhanced Protection: Elbow pads with abrasion-resistant SuperFabric® offer added protection in harsh conditions.
  • Colors and Fit: Available in OCP, with an alternative fit option to accommodate different body types.

Massif distinguishes itself through a dedication to quality and safety, while also prioritizing the design and manufacturing of flame-resistant (FR) clothing specifically designed for our men AND women end users.

Womens Fit Army Combat Shirt

This specialized approach positions Massif uniquely in a field typically dominated by unisex or male-focused designs. Recognizing the distinct requirements of female military members, law enforcement professionals, and first responders, Massif is at the forefront of manufacturing FR, military garments for women ensuring these outfits meet their specific needs. 

Importantly, Massif achieves this while rigorously adhering to the standards outlined in AR 670-1, ensuring compliance with military regulations.

Proven in the Field

Over five million Massif® Combat Shirts have been fielded by the U.S. Army, a testament to their reliability and effectiveness in combat situations.

Choosing the right combat shirt like Massif's ACS is crucial for regulation adherence, comfort, and functionality in diverse operational environments.

Wrapping it Up!

Adherence to the Army Combat Shirt OCP Regulation is crucial for maintaining the professional image of the U.S. Army.

Massif's Army Combat Shirt exemplifies the perfect blend of AR 670-1 compliance, innovative design,field-tested reliability, and comfort (aka people actually want to wear it.)


It's not just any other garment; it's a vital tool for soldiers facing the rigors of combat and training deployments in extreme conditions.

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