Massif Arm Pouch

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Introducing the Massif Arm Pouch, an essential tool tailored specifically for Air Crews and Maintainers.
This pouch features a Velcro backing that seamlessly attaches to the shoulder area of flight suits, combat shirts, and uniforms, ensuring that fuel cards, headspace & timing gauges, firing pins, spare batteries, etc., are always within arm's reach. Its unique design allows for rapid detachment and handing off to aircraft maintainers during refueling operations, and just as quickly reattached to your uniform. Crafted with a focus on durability and accessibility, the Massif Arm Pouch is a compact, yet indispensable accessory that stays out of the way while providing immediate access to essential items.
  • Ergonomic and streamlined design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Integrates with Massif 2pc Flight Suit and
  • Combat Shirts
  • Made with a durable hook and loop to withstand vigorous duties and applications.
  • Ideal accessory to pass it between crew members and/or sticking it to flight bags/aircraft when it doesn’t need to be directly on their person.
  • Dual compartment pockets hold Fuel Cards, Headspace & Timing Gauges, firing pins, spare batteries, etc.
Massif Arm Pouch