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Massif® Clipper Windbreaker: Redefining The Military Windbreaker Jacket

Massif® Clipper Windbreaker: Redefining The Military Windbreaker Jacket
August 23, 2023
Massif® Clipper Windbreaker: Redefining The Military Windbreaker Jacket

When it comes to protective gear, every ounce matters. 

Soldiers need equipment that won't weigh them down but still offers maximum protection and functionality. 

That's the guiding principle behind the design of the Massif® Clipper Windbreaker, which stands as the lightest military windbreaker jacket we've ever brought to the market.

Striking The Perfect Balance

Finding the right balance between weight and functionality has always been a challenge. However, with the Clipper Windbreaker, we believe we have hit that sweet spot. This jacket combines the best of both worlds:

Lightweight Design: The Clipper is not just another military windbreaker jacket; it’s a testament to our commitment to minimizing weight without compromising on quality. It's a windbreaker designed to ensure soldiers don't feel burdened while on the move.

Battle-Ready Features: Despite its featherweight build, the Clipper doesn't skimp on essential features. Its design has been meticulously crafted to ensure it's always ready for the challenges of the battlefield.

Comfort in the Toughest Conditions

A soldier's role often exposes them to extreme conditions – be it the freezing cold, scorching heat, or gale-force winds. Comfort, in such scenarios, isn't just about feeling comfortable; it's about improving performance and ensuring soldiers can focus entirely on their mission.

The jacket offers an unparalleled level of comfort in diverse conditions, ensuring that soldiers remain agile and focused no matter the environment.

The Massif® Clipper Windbreaker is a testament to the art of simplicity. While it may appear straightforward in design, every stitch, seam, and feature has been thoughtfully planned and executed. This jacket represents a culmination of years of research and dedication to stripping away the unnecessary, leaving behind only what's essential for optimal performance.


Designed for Dynamic Movement

At the heart of any mission is the physical capability to respond swiftly and efficiently. 

Understanding this crucial need, the design of the Clipper Windbreaker is specifically geared toward ensuring optimal mobility. 

Whether you're standing guard on a base somewhere or out in the field for extended periods of time, the Clipper has been built to adapt to all conditions.

Articulated Arms for Fluid Motion: Our design approach ensures every movement feels natural and unrestricted. The arms of the Clipper are articulated at a slight angle.

Thoughtful Additions for Practicality: Recognizing the nuances of a soldier's duties, we've incorporated thumb loops. This ensures the windbreaker sleeves remain securely in place, preventing them from inching upwards.

Addressing Moisture Management and Comfort

A common problem with windbreakers is their inherent design to keep the wind out, which often results in reduced breathability, leading to moisture accumulation from the inside. However, with the Clipper, you won’t be trading off protection from the elements for comfort.

Innovative Moisture-Control System: The Clipper tackles potential moisture-related issues head-on. Our design strategy incorporates mesh vents seamlessly integrated into the pockets. These vents not only provide an avenue for moisture to escape but also play a pivotal role in ensuring the jacket remains feather-light.

Functional and Ventilating Interior Pockets: Essentials and personal items need safe and accessible. The Clipper’s robust interior pockets don't just serve as storage; they’re designed with functionality in mind. When unzipped, they allow a substantial amount of heat and moisture to escape, ensuring you remain comfortable without compromising on the jacket's protective attributes.


Dual-Layered Protection Designed for the Battlefield

The primary mission of our garments is to ensure the safety, efficiency, and comfort of the soldier wearing them.

With the Clipper Windbreaker, our design philosophy encapsulates this principle, resulting in a jacket that offers dual-layered protection - safeguarding soldiers from both the natural elements and detection by the enemy.

Camouflaged Presence & Natural Protection

Stealth Design for Discretion: One of the more important requirements for soldiers down range is remaining undetected. We’ve achieved this with the Clipper by selecting materials that produce significantly less noise when rubbing together, compared to conventional jackets. This design ensures soldiers maintain the element of surprise, a critical advantage in combat scenarios.

Comfort Across a Broad Temperature Range: Our innovative vent system broadens the comfortable temperature range for the end-user. Soldiers can wear the Clipper for extended periods without overheating, reducing unnecessary distractions or discomfort.

Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Treatment: Soldiers cannot always predict the weather, but they can be prepared for it. We've treated the Clipper with DWR, ensuring it is highly water-resistant. This makes the jacket adept at handling light rain, causing droplets to bead up and roll off its surface. This dual-purpose feature means the Clipper can seamlessly transition into a light rain jacket when needed.

Integrating with Soldier's Existing Equipment

Seamless Integration with Other Gear: The Clipper isn’t just designed to be worn – it’s designed to be worn in tandem with a soldier’s existing kit. Every feature has been meticulously crafted to ensure compatibility and ease of use.

Adjustable Hem-Chord Drawstring: Adjustability is key in combat scenarios. The Clipper boasts an intuitive adjustable hem-chord drawstring that can be discreetly accessed through the pocket. Plus, it's designed to be compatible with combat gloves, making adjustments swift and hassle-free.

Thoughtfully Designed Hood: Understanding the need for a combat helmet, the Clipper's hood comes with a one-handed cinch cord. This design ensures the hood can be easily adjusted, even when wearing gloves, and can comfortably fit underneath a ballistic helmet.


In Conclusion

The Massif® Clipper Windbreaker is not just another windbreaker; it's a symbol of our dedication to delivering the best for our soldiers. 

Lightweight, battle-ready, and designed for extreme comfort.

From articulated designs for unrestricted movement to innovative solutions for moisture control, the Clipper stands as a testament to our commitment to enhancing performance and comfort in every situation.

The epitome of what a modern military windbreaker should be.

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