MASSIF — A legacy born on the mountain.

Randy Benham, one of Massif’s founders, was a Jenny Lake search-and-rescue (SAR) crew member in Grand Teton National Park who understood the demands of rugged, unpredictable and hazardous work conditions. He wondered, why can’t flame-resistant gear be as comfortable and effective as my favorite non-FR gear? He was unwilling to accept the existing trade-off between comfortable, high -performance personal gear and the uncomfortable protective gear designed to protect against injuries from flash fires. FR fabrics lacked the characteristics of high-performance outdoor apparel: stretch, breathability, moisture management, and inclement weather protection.

On a mission to fill the gap and solve the problem, in partnership with the specialized knitting mill Antex, and a core group of extraordinarily dedicated people, Massif invented never-before-seen FR fabrics and applied them to innovative clothing designs for numerous climates and contexts. Every yarn and stitch represents the vision of our founders, including a commitment to being 100% made in the USA.

MASSIF — Serving to protect.

Massif grew by word of mouth—from the SAR and wildland firefighting communities to the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Army. We now serve every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, the general aviation community and other specialized organizations. Our commitment to high-quality fabrics, designs, and uncompromising fit, construction and durability that will last mission after mission, has given us the privilege of protecting millions of people who work in hazardous jobs.

Each of our garments is designed and brought to life in-house, from designs, patterns, and fabric development to rapid prototyping and field-testing. No garment design is finalized without being tested for form, fit and function in the mountains surrounding our headquarters in Ashland Oregon, as well as by current and former military personnel.  We continue to evolve from this feedback as well as the nearly 5 million garments worn by the US Military in the past decade.   Just as our design and development team designs with the needs of the end-user in mind, our sales and customer service teams strive to match our customers’ dedication to their jobs with a matching commitment to provide the ultimate customer experience.


Massif was founded in 1999 by two passionate visionaries who set the bar high for quality and excellence in everything we do. In August 2014, Massif joined the corporate family of Antex/Matchmaster, our longtime textile mill in Los Angeles, California. We’re proud to join their 40-year history of manufacturing high-quality textiles in the U.S. With vertical integration and the capacity for rapid innovation from fiber to fabric to garment, Massif continues to improve our agility and enhance our technical resources for future growth.

Today, with a growing team of 34, we are a world leader in supplying high-performance flame resistant outdoor apparel. We can’t wait to see what mission you lead us to next.


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